Viking Mile Relays and Mile Series

Mersey Racing puts on road racing events on Wirral and across the North of England. We have 2 race concepts:

Viking Relays: We were the first club to hold a mixed mile relay in England. Entrants compete in a 4*1 mile relay, in teams of 2 men and 2 women. Running order is up to the team managers on the day. The winning team in 2017 set a new unofficial English record that was mentioned in Athletics Weekly.

Mile Series: After hosting the first seeded mile road races in 2017, we have been asked by many athletes to expand the concept into a mile series at scenic locations. In 2018 we plan to re-run the original Viking Mile in Birkenhead Park, the Lady Mile on New Brighton Promenade, the Chariots of Fire Mile at the Oval, Bebington, and the Reaper Mile (uphill only) in Burton. Dates to be announced soon on our Facebook pageĀ Classic Miles